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  • 2017-05-16 The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum closing more than 270 results open a new era The Belt and Road
    "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum closing more than 270 results open a new era The Belt and Road "
    2017-05-16 08:31:03 source: Guangming Daily
    In May 15th, "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum concluded in Beijing.
    This is destined to be a historic event.
    The Silk Road Bridge, Yanqi lake, from more than and 130 countries and more than and 70 international organizations about 1500 representatives witnessed the era of the song world symphony chapter.
    "Summit Forum has achieved more than expected results."." State Council Development Research Center macroeconomic research department researcher Zhang Liqun said.
    "This means that" The Belt and Road 'construction entered a new era." Perry, President of 48 UK group clubs, commented.
    This is the concept of "going in the opposite direction, meeting each other and knowing each other" - in the open, cooperation, cooperation, the Communist Party win, only a better future.
    This is across different civilizations, religious and ethnic tolerance and mutual learning, longing for the cultural exchange of the peace, hope, for the common development of the pursuit and longing for a better life, so that we become dependent, mutual aid through the wind and rain of wild geese.
    This is beyond the expected results list more than 270 specific results for "The Belt and Road" painted on a gorgeous picture, and China Unicom is to let the country and the country, the distance between heart and heart become so close and close......
    Deepen the concept of identity: to guide the direction of the community of human destiny
    This is an important development that has not come easily
    Since 2018, China will hold the China International Import fair, and it is expected that in the next 5 years, China will import 2 trillion dollars of goods from countries and regions along the way......
    "The Belt and Road 'mission is to make the world a more innovative, more inclusive equality." Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma in the "policy communication" parallel Theme Conference, said.
    In the parallel session before the opening, second of Malaysia's trade minister Huang Jiaquan said, Malaysia and Alibaba group to jointly build the first digital China overseas free trade zone. In the future, Chinese goods within 72 hours can reach each Malaysia online shopping hands; Chinese tourists can also use this platform, the goods purchased in Malaysia will be sent back directly to the country.
    "Policy" to speed up the communication facilities of Unicom "to promote the trade flow" to promote the circulation of funds "to promote the people connected to" think tank "communication", "The Belt and Road forum six parallel Theme Conference let more vision into action.
    At the parallel meeting of policy communication, the participants signed 32 bilateral and multilateral cooperation documents and enterprise cooperation projects, involving 18 countries and 8 international organizations.
    "The participating countries are able to find more suitable for their own focus on building" The Belt and Road." United Nations Secretary General Guterres said.
    "The Belt and Road 'initiative results exceeded expectations." Participate in the forum reported the South Korean "Beijing Township news" China correspondent Pu Yinqing said, the forum put forward a lot of projects are bound to bring benefits to the participating countries.
    Behind this, is the concept of identity, is the spiritual resonance.
    "Just a few years," The Belt and Road 'initiative has attracted so many countries involved, partly because of China economic power and diplomatic power, on the other hand, is a concept of governance potency." J Rory Jan, an expert on China in Berlin, Germany, said.
    Observe the potential wisdom, potential wins yu. World economic growth needs new impetus, development needs more inclusive balance, gap between rich and poor needs to be bridged.
    "At the peak on the altar, a series of important expositions of President Xi Jinping on behalf of the overall thought of Chinese on the world order, this is the deepening of civilization Road concept, to build a community of destiny of humanity are highly recognized." Pan think tank senior researcher Pang Zhongying said.
    On the ancient Silk Road: the firm mutual cooperation spirit illuminate the road map
    The summit, President Xi Jinping promised -- will increase support for Chinese sonorous and forceful "The Belt and Road" construction funds, additional funds of 100 billion yuan to the Silk Road Fund; encourage financial institutions to carry out overseas RMB funds, is expected to scale approximately 300 billion yuan. Chinese State Development Bank, the export import bank will provide 250 billion yuan and 130 billion yuan RMB equivalent special loans to support The Belt and Road "capacity, infrastructure construction, financial cooperation.
    "Geese have been able to cross the wind and rain, line stability, Zhiyuan, the key is that they travel together, leveraging each other.". This reveals a profound truth for us to work together to meet challenges and achieve better development." President Xi Jinping attended the "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum Roundtable summit to "wild goose" Yu Ji on facies.
    This is Chinese "The Belt and Road" initiative charm.
    It is very important to discuss, share and share." Pakistan Pakistan Economic Corridor envoy Zafar said in an interview with this reporter, Chinese explicitly put forward the "The Belt and Road" cooperation is not a short-term cooperation, but a long-term project, which requires a generation of people doing it.
    "China has fully demonstrated the style of a big country." Nigeria, diplomat EXRA magazine editor Rafael Noni in an interview with this reporter said that the summit will promote global trade into a new stage. It focuses on the common people and enables people with different cultural backgrounds to work together to achieve the vision of the initiative as soon as possible.
    In the "build" The Belt and Road 'initiative, we strengthen policy communication and development strategy of docking, promote bilateral pragmatic cooperation at higher levels." President of the Swiss Confederation Loit
  • 2014-02-08 Holographic Film Specification sheet
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