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Laser Hot Stamping Foil JXS001

  • Laser Hot Stamping Foil
  • Laser Hot Stamping Foil
  • Laser Hot Stamping Foil
Item Code:JXS001 Features:Laser foil is widely used in cosmetics, gift boxes and bags, greeting cards, books and other industries.
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Laser Foil


1) Roll size (W x L):
A) normal-sized volume: 0.64 x 120
B) Large-scale Volume: 0.64mx 240 / 360 meters (special order)
2) Special size Volume 3 "paper core can be producet

Of any length and width according to special orders
3) Applications: All kinds of paper, printing problems, pencils, leather, cigarette case wine, silk, common
Plastic products, other
4) Recommended stamping temperature: 115 - 1252C
5) Storage:
A) the protection of the pressure, wet, hot, sunny
B) placed in ventilated, shaded and cool place
C) The storage time: 2 years
6) The applicable conditions:
A) the provision of appropriate stamping foils need to select according to different uses
B) must pay attention to temperature and pressure and speed
Of course, punching
C) the appropriate conditions should be selected in accordance with
Different backing materials

1 roll / plastic bag

10 rolls / box


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