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Leather Foil JX003

Item Code:JX003 Features:Apply to luggage, leather goods, shoes, leather goods, local hot stamping transfer, apply hot good performance, good leather substrate binding. Good gloss, wear Sassafras.
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Leather Foil

Long-leather foil made 鈥嬧媜f imported resin material, the use of the polymer coating technology manufacturing. Appropriate hot performance and luster, firmness superior to some of the imported similar products. Is the so-called cheap.
1) suitable for hot stamping performance, leather, leather goods, shoes and so applicable.
2) solid and good anti-pull stamping surface with tape will not fall off and fade.
3) high temperature, stamping temperature of 120-140 degrees / s stamping surface does not change color, not Symphony.
4) separation, stamping small and medium-sized font and pattern, regardless of gold, not easy to swap powder.
Width: 64cm, 110cm or customized.
Length: 120m, 240m, 1000m or customized.
OPP film bagging, corrugated boxes.
Package Quantity: 10Rolls / box or customized.

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