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About Us

Our vision:

1. Industry experts in the manufacture of packaging and printing materials

2. Providing the use of printed packaging materials and supporting solutions

3. Provide high quality products that meet customer needs, solve customer demands in a timely manner and solve customer demand problems in real time

4. Accept customized LOGO holographic material and material size .also can provide different materials with customer requirement.


Our products:

Seamless laser holographic lamination film,Themal ( pre - coated dielectric ) lamination film, Thermal holographic lamination film, Holographic transfer film, UV cast & cure film, Glitter film, 3D lens holographic film,  Cold stamping foil, etc.


Our advantages:

1. We have more than 10 years of Holographic film production experience. There are 6 persons have more than 6 years of laser holographic film production technology , 2 technical experts and 2 quality inspection.

2. There is a wide and high precision import coater, which can produce laser holographic materials ranging from 300 mm to 1500 mm in our factory.

3., We have 4 sets of laser holographic Embossing production equipment. which have 2  Seamless rainbow film Embossing machines, 2 Seamline holographic film Embossing machine 's a can produce laser material with a width from 300 mm to 1800 mm.

4. There are water based composite equipment and dry composite equipment that can be used to provide samples and test laser films before use

Our productive capacity:

1. The production of Holographic  film is more than 60 tons per month.

2. The production capacity of cold stamping foil is 700000 square meters.

3 . The production of 3D Lens holographic film and glitter film is 20 tons per month.

We mainly trade terms Payment Method:

All orders will activate under 30% of the total amount as deposit in advance.

T / T in advance or LC

Production lead time:

BOPP & PET  Laser Holographic Film 10 Tons / 15days

Lens hologrpahic film 15 Tons / month

Glitter film  5 Tons / 12days

Holographic Foil 1000 Volume / 3days


Contact us

Contact: Xiaoli Ma


Address: F09-1 Wanyang Industrial City, Binhai New Area, Pingyang County WenZhou City ZheJiang Province China.

Zip Code: 325400

Tel: +86-577-64588929 

Fax: +86-577-63702258


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